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"Dada, aur thoda aloo dalo naa"

At Mumbai this time, enjoying the 'panipuri' and ensuring the customary pic!

Food and conversations are a part of me! I love food, love experimenting with cuisines and have snooty opinions on food too. While I travel a bit on work, I always make it a point to eat the local cuisine and try the street food in a city I visit. 

One street food that I have been 'fida' over for years is 'phuchka'. The Bong version with mashed aloo, boiled brown chole and the perfect mix of spices. I do not endorse the pani puri we get in Bangalore made with green peas. It just doesn't make the mark for me. When I visited Delhi, I made it a point to try the Golgappe there. It was 11am at India Gate and I was busy downing golgappas. The potato was cut in cubes, the puri was small and they had added little white peas. I ate it and told myself phuchkas are way better any day! During my recent Mumbai visits, I ate the Pani puri made with Ragda. Have to admi…

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